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All Waters Protection & Access Coalition (AWPAC) exists to protect ocean resources and the rights of anglers and freedivers so that younger generations may experience the ocean firsthand and carry on our traditions. We are a group of passionate environmental advocates dedicated to preserving the beauty and health of our oceans. Our team works tirelessly to disseminate information between all parties, promote sustainable practices, educate the public, and advocate for policies that protect our waters. Together, we can make a difference.

Here is a link to the proposed MPAs which we are fighting. 



It's a great question.

Recent proposals regarding MPAs (Marine Protected Areas) have begun to raise questions as to the way science is often selectively interpreted and used as evidence, which in turn is poised to create and/or expand new area(s). 

We are standing up to challenge the science used to propose new MPAs and give a voice to those who cherish our coastal access as much as we do. 

Here is a link to the proposed MPAs which we are fighting. 

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