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Chris Killen
Founder & CEO

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About Chris

Chris brings a unique blend of expertise from both the tech giant Apple and the dynamic world of action sports to his role as CEO/CMO of All Waters Protection & Access Coalition (AWPAC). With a passion for innovation and a deep-rooted commitment to environmental conservation, Chris is dedicated to leveraging his diverse background to drive positive change in ocean management and access.

Before founding AWPAC, Chris held key leadership positions at Apple, where he was integral in shaping the company's marketing and program strategies and fostering customer engagement. His experience at Apple instilled in him a keen understanding of consumer behavior, brand management, and the power of technology to drive meaningful impact.

However, it was Chris’s fond memories of his childhood on commercial fishing boats in Alaska, and a lifelong love of surfing and freediving viewed through the eyes of his son that ignited his passion for environmental advocacy and conservation. As a lifelong ocean enthusiast, he witnessed firsthand the importance of preserving our marine ecosystems for future generations. This firsthand experience inspired him to combine his marketing prowess with his love for the ocean, leading him to our organization.

As CEO/CMO, Chris is committed to advancing our mission of advocating for the science-based management of the ocean and ensuring access to its waters for all stakeholders, including subsistence, recreational, sport, spear, and artisanal commercial fishermen. He believes in the power of collaboration and dialogue to bridge the gap between diverse constituencies and regulatory bodies, ensuring that everyone's voice is heard in the pursuit of sustainable ocean management.

Chris’s strategic vision is grounded in data-driven advocacy and public education initiatives. By forging strategic partnerships and harnessing the power of content and digital strategy, he aims to empower and educate fishermen, policymakers, and the public with the information they need to make informed decisions about ocean conservation and access. Under his leadership, our organization will continue championing sustainability and conservation efforts while preserving the vital connection between humanity and the sea.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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