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Matt Bond
Board of Directors

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About Matt

Matt serves on the AWPAC board as Director of Strategic Initiatives. He brings several decades of fishing access advocacy experience and relationships, coupled with over twenty years of successful business ownership, to bear when helping the organization protect our resources and access.  


Some of Matt’s earliest memories are playing in the tidepools of his home town, Isla Vista, California. He has always lived in and around the ocean and started fishing and spearfishing at a very young age. These catches helped feed his family and cemented in him the responsibility to protect the ocean and to teach others the merits of sustainable harvest. 


Matt’s journey of advocating for the recreational spearfishing/fishing community in the fisheries management process started in his early 20s, during the initial phases of the Marine Life Protection Act. He acted as a representative for the spearfishing community in that process and helped guide inclusivity of often neglected voices in establishing California’s world renowned network of marine reserves


Outside of AWPAC, Matt is the President and CEO of a 75 year old private wealth management firm in the Bay Area of California. He has a bachelor's degree in business/economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He lives in San Jose, CA. He has been married for 20 years and has a teenage daughter and son.  

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